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Travel-Wise's singular goal is to make trip planning quick, easy, and fun. Here, you can find templated itineraries created by community members that outline recommended events and activities where you are going. Select some to add to the trip planner and edit to your liking. There is no easier way to create your next trip.

As you travel, you can journal your adventure and share it however you want. Post it to social media and your websites, and email your friends and family. Then, create an itinerary from your experience and share it on Travel-Wise for others to follow in your footsteps!

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Top Features

Ready-made template itineraries

Access an ever-growing list of ready-made itineraries to make plans within seconds.

Easy trip planning

Create a new plan for a trip from scratch pulling from pre-made itineraries and using the tools to customize the plan to your liking.

A trip journal

Log all your trip highlights in your trip journal at any time during your trip, with or without the need for internet access.

Share anywhere

Share your content from Travel-Wise on social media and your website, send it to friends and family, or share it with the Travel-Wise community!

Collaborative planning

Invite your travel partner(s) to your trips and do planning and journaling a collaborative affair! Make new friends from the community and use the planner to put things in motion.

A vibrant community

Share and interact with a community of like-minded travelers always looking for the next adventure.

Featured Template Itineraries

You don't want to ignore

Look through ready-made created by our community selected by the team at Travel-Wise to help highlight the great examples of the tooling and inspire others for their next trips. Find the one(s) you are interested in, and use them as a template to make your trip planning faster than ever.

A Vibrant Community of Travelers

Travel-Wise aims to build a like-minded community for those wanting to visit new places worldwide, share their experiences, and help unify the world through passion.

Our community travels a lot and knows all too well the pain points and hurdles to adventuring the world. It is often time consuming and laborious. Travel-Wise's goal is to help you spend less time researching and planning. More time on living your dreams.

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Travel-Wise Stories

Get inspired by travel stories written by the team of Travel-Wise. They will help you add new places or experiences to your bucket list.

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