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Must-Try Adventure Activities in Nova Scotia

June 16, 2022 in Adventure

Known for its beautiful forests and lovely ocean views, Nova Scotia, Canada, offers its visitors a great variety of adventure activities. There is no shortage of things here, from whale watching and paddleboarding to hiking on the coastal trails. If you plan a trip to this adventure playground of Canada, don’t forget to include the following things in your itinerary.

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1. Whale Watching Around Nova Scotia

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One of the unique experiences around Nova Scotia is Whale Watching. Although, at the same time, you can find whales in most places around Nova Scotia, the area that holds that reputation of providing the best sightings is the coast of Brier Island. You can also head to the Bay of Fundy to get a tour with a naturalist who will tell you all about these majestic creatures. You can find other sea life too, depending on the year you visit this place. For example, you can spot white-sided dolphins from June to October, while the Minke and Finback whales can be found during the spring seasons.

2. Paddleboarding

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Another excellent adventure activity you should include in your Nova Scotia travel itinerary is paddleboarding through Cape Breton. This one-of-a-kind experience will leave you in awe of the beauty of Nova Scotia. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the gypsum cliffs and see the salt marshes, seaside caves, and oyster farms. You might also spot a flock of seabirds if you are lucky. People who have some paddleboarding experience can head out by themselves. However, there are guided tours as well for inexperienced paddlers.

3. Surfboarding

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If you want to catch some waves on your vacation in Nova Scotia, you can head out to Clam Harbour or Lawrencetown Beach. The windy coastlines of this region make it a pleasure to go surfing out into the sea. You can find some teachers on the aforementioned beaches to learn the art of surfboarding. As for the surfboarding gear, you can easily rent it at an average rate of $20 per day. If you are a seasoned surfer with your gear, you can head out to Martinique Beach, White Point, and Port Michaud.

4. Jet Skiing on Cape Breton

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If you are paddleboarding to Cape Breton, you can also try Jet Skiing. You can rent a jet ski from a seaside village known as Baddeck, which is a beautiful destination itself. The jet ski rental can range from $60-180, and you can ski across the Sea-Doo and take in the sights of the village from the bay. If you are interested in exploring the city, you can also go for a Sea-Doo tour caught from the Halifax Waterfront.

5. Stand-Up Paddleboarding Experience

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If you are bored of the regular paddleboarding activities, you can try stand-up paddleboarding around the LaHave Islands. Stand-up paddleboarding is fun, but you will also get a great workout from the activity. Then, you can lie down on your board to relax when you are tired. This is also a great way to catch the sunset. This activity provides an excellent opportunity to explore more things around this island, which comprises a fishing community. You will be able to see some beautiful lighthouses, untouched beaches and lots of sea life.

6. Tidal Bore Rafting

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If you want to experience the tides of the Bay of Fundy (widely considered the world’s highest tides), then you should try tidal bore rafting on the Shubenacadie River. This adrenaline-pumping activity will give you an experience of a lifetime for just $70. In tidal bore rafting, you will climb aboard a raft, and all you have to do is hold on tight as it takes you through the waves. There is also the option of Mud Sliding at the end of the tour.

7. Relax on a Yacht

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You can book a private yacht for around $64-148 from Halifax Harbour if you want a more relaxing adventure. You can either choose a standard tour to learn sailing or an exclusive evening sail, including wine and cheese. If you are booking for a group, you might even get it for cheaper. Once you have your private yacht, you can go for an adventure around the Cape Breton Sailing Charters.

8. Dinner on the Ocean Floor

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For an unforgettable experience of Nova Scotia, you can head out to Burntcoat Head Park to have a luxurious dining experience near the Bay of Fundy. You can enjoy a three-course meal at the tables set up in this area when the tide goes out. You will be able to witness the seaside scenery, besides enjoying local wine, beer, and fresh seafood. This feast will undoubtedly turn out to be an adventure by itself.


Now that you have some great ideas for adventure activities in and around Nova Scotia, Canada, you can plan a trip that will be rich in experiences. Whether you like an adrenaline-pumping activity or some other adventure, Nova Scotia offers plenty of experiences to every ocean-loving person.

MD: Do you feel a calling for adventure? If you’re heading to Canada, Nova Scotia is the place to be. Check out the wide range of activities you can enjoy here.

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