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Top Places Every Free Diver Needs to Visit

February 17, 2022 in Adventure

Are you a freediver looking to push your skills to the limit? Do you want to dive into as many places around the world? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. We understand the drive that adventure aficionados have to experience the most thrilling limits of their chosen sport. That’s’ why we’ve’ made a list of the top free diving places worldwide that free divers will enjoy. So here are the top spots for freediving!

For those readers who don’t know what freediving is – it is a type of deep-sea diving that is done without any diving/breathing apparatus. Instead, freedivers train themselves to hold their breath for long periods and handle high water pressure as they dive deep into the water. If you would like to try, some of these places have beginner-compatible free diving spots. You’ll also find trainers who can train you in free diving here and certify you for the sport.

So, grab your swimsuit, plan your trip, and head down to these gorgeous waters.

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Six free diving zones that every diver needs to visit

1.    Roatan, Honduras

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Roatan has to be too free diving what London is to Tennis. Just like London hosts the prestigious Wimbledon, Roatan is the site for one of the major free diving championships in the world – the Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition.

The calm weather, the crystal-clear visibility for up to 110 feet (sometimes more significant), and the magnificent 750 feet drop-off that’s just a few hundred yards away from the shore. In addition to this, Roatan’s’ waters are home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs and awe-inspiring shipwrecks. You’ll’ also be able to spot whale sharks here – those gentle giants who’re’ pretty shy and who you won’t’ typically be able to catch a glimpse of this quickly elsewhere.

2.    Kona, Hawaii Island

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Want to dive thousands of feet under the shore? Would you like to explore pristine reefs home to some of the strangest marine life on the planet? Do you want to swim in a sea that is home to stellar volcanic landscapes and clear glass waters? Then, the lava tubes and underwater caves are excellent places for freedivers to explore.

Kona is also a wonderful place to see nesting animals swim up to the shore. There are plenty of animals to keep you company here, from Galapagos sharks to sea turtles to nudibranchs to manta rays.

3.    Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

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In Indonesia, the Gili Islands are a cluster of three islands, including Trawangan, Air, and Meno. Of these, Trawangan is the best freediving spot for beginners and experts alike.

This freediving spot is a favorite for lovers of aquatic life. You’ll’ find various creatures, including reef sharks, barracuda, tuna, trevally, eagle rays, many fishes such as pufferfish, butterflyfish, snappers, damselfish, and more swimming around the reefs here.

You’ll’ need to take a boat a little distance away from Trawangan, and you’ll’ come across a beautiful 650 feet drop-off where you can free dive.

4.    New Providence, Bahamas

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The capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, on the New Providence Island, provides one of the world’s most pristine and engaging free diving sites. These waters are home to many wrecks, some of which were in the James Bond movies. It is also home to the Great Bahama Bank, with its many crevasses, caves, and hidden spots rich in marine life.

Many freedivers love going down to the Razorback Wall, which drops into the blue abyss. Here, you’ll’ get to swim in waters that sharks frequent. But don’t’ worry; it is safe, and there are plenty of instructors around who’ll’ keep you safe.

5.    Riviera Maya, Mexico

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If you’re’ keen on exploring the waters around the Americas, then Mexico’s Riviera Maya is another free diving spot you shouldn’t ignore. Experienced freedivers better explore this since technical knowledge is needed to manage the cenotes here.

There are three different reef systems here, starting from between 100 feet and 135 feet and then going down super deep. While you won’t’ be able to explore the entire depth of the drop-off, the level of difficulty here is bound to get experienced free divers an experience they will never forget.

Another reason the Riviera Maya is a great freediving spot – it is one of the few places in the world where you can do nighttime diving.

6.    Sri Lanka

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The final destination on our list isn’t’ a single beach, but many. The entire country of Sri Lanka boasts of excellent spots for freediving in the majestic Indian Ocean. Swami Rock is one site where you’ll’ find underwater temples destroyed in the 17th Century. Colombo’s’ underwater Gorgonian Gardens are a must-see. But, again, this one is for certified deep divers and not for everyone.

Navy Island is home to spectacular marine animals, and Bull Dog Reef defies human expectations regarding the sheer beauty of the coral reefs. Cargo Wreck takes you down to explore the Pecheur Breton wreckage for history buffs. This spot is open only for certified deep-sea divers. And then there’s the Great Basses Reef – where the Indian Ocean’s warm waters meet the cold south-east Asian sea and chilling Antarctic sprays. This creates such a unique diving experience that everyone must explore.

Wrapping up

So, there you go. The six best spots every free diver must explore. We strongly recommend getting trained and certified in free diving before exploring these spots. That way, you’ll have a safe and enjoyable experience that you’ll love reminiscing about as years pass. Learn more about any of these places through travel research or ask someone in our community. Get excited and plan your next free diving trip!

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