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Why should you visit Egypt at least once in your life?

January 13, 2022 in Destination

When you think of Egypt, you probably think of the pyramids, mummies, and the Sphinx statue. However, that is not even the beginning of Egypt’s offer. The country has a rich cultural legacy and many years of ancient history. Egypt is worthy of your bucket list, from golden sand beaches to surreal waters, remarkable architecture, and natural therapies. This article will explore why you should visit Egypt at least once in your life.

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Why should you visit Egypt at least once in your life?

1. It has the only surviving ancient wonder of the world

A trip to Egypt is incomplete without a trip to the pyramids. The Great Pyramids of Giza were built in 2550 BC. That makes them more than 4,500 years old and the only surviving ancient wonders of the world. They are not only a popular tourist spot but also an iconic symbol of the rich history of Egypt.

Along with other statues and tombs, the pyramids attract archaeologists and the wider world. As a result, remains of the ancient civilization continue to be discovered to this very day.

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2. You can walk in the footsteps of Moses

Egypt has immense religious significance for Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. You can climb to the summit of Mount Sinai, where Moses was said to have received the ten commandments. You can also follow the journey of Lord Jesus, Mary, and Joseph from Sinai into the mainland peninsula. Egypt is also home to mosques and churches that are centuries old, and also the Ben Ezra Synagogue.

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3. It offers paradise beneath the waters

The Red Sea in Egypt is, without a doubt, the best spot for scuba diving in the world. Scuba diving here takes you into the magical world of bright corals and colorful fish.

The most popular coastal cities include Dahab, Hurghada, Safaga, El Gouna, and Ras Sudr. The Blue Hole, a 120m deep sinkhole in Dahab, is a coral paradise. It is among the most famous diving sites globally, with diving aficionados visiting it every year.

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4. You can camp in the Sahara desert.

The majestic Sahara desert covers nearly two-thirds of Egypt. Camping in the Sahara desert allows you to experience a different side of Egypt, away from the capital’s pollution. Besides camping, you can also sandboard, do Jeep safaris, and immerse yourself in natural hot springs. Camping also means spending the night under star-filled skies, which is an experience like no other.

It would help if you also remembered to visit the Bahariya Oasis and the white and black desert. The Bahariya Oasis is well-known for migrating birds and was also a renowned spot in ancient Egypt and Rome for its agricultural opportunities. It still boasts of an irrigation system built in ancient times and is a famous producer of dates. The Bahariya Oasis also has plenty of natural springs for you to take a dip in for escaping the heat.

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5. You can enjoy a Nile cruise.

The Nile in Egypt is also the longest river in the world. So a Nile river cruise between Aswan and Luxor is a must-do when in Egypt. Where else can you find a cruise with stops that let you see monuments, tombs, and thousands of old artifacts?

Several luxury cruises are available that are awesome and affordable, whether traveling alone or with family. For example, you can sail down the Nile to visit sights like the Luxor Temple, the Philae Temple, and the Karnak Temple.

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6. Take a look at some ancient whale fossils.

When you hear “whales,” what do you think of them? The big, vast ocean, right? Can you imagine finding whale fossils in the desert? That is exactly what you can see in Egypt.

The Whale Valley (Wadi El Hitan) in Fayoum has something very cool to offer. You can see whale fossils, but these are not your average whales. These whales had hind legs. Without a doubt, these fossils represent an important story in the process of evolution. Whales went from being land-based animals to living in the ocean.

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7. Try your hand at kitesurfing.

Have you ever gone kitesurfing? It is becoming one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world. But, did you know Egypt was the preferred destination for kitesurfers, both beginners and advanced? El Gouna, Hamata, and Soma Bay are supposed to be the best spots to learn kitesurf.

If you are keen on trying kitesurfing, be sure to visit Dahab and Ras Sadr too. You could also try kitesurfing on the Red Sea.

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Egypt is undoubtedly a land of wonders, an affordable destination to enjoy a wonderful vacation, and one of the best places to bring a travel journal. The nightlife in Egypt is also one of the most unique. The streets are always complete, so you can easily explore the city even after dark. Be sure to visit the souks and bazaars for a whole Egyptian experience. Explore itineraries for Egypt and make your trip planning process easier so you can enjoy your trip more.

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