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A Short and Exciting Two Days Holiday in London

November 23, 2022 in Itinerary of the week

London calling! If you love the UK Office or watch repeats of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee on television, then the city of London should be your holiday destination.

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Above all, the best thing about this destination is how quickly you can cover essential sites throughout the weekend. You can take a world tour while visiting a single place in London.

Your two days holiday in London can be chockful of fun city-wide exploration, followed by drinks and dinner at local English pubs. During your visit, you’ll see renowned places like the Thames River and ride on the London Eye. Then, you’ll visit the Tower of London and explore the mystery and magic in the iconic British Museum. Watch for alluring artwork, sculptures, and jewelry from ancient India, Egypt, Greece, and more here. Also, don’t forget to visit the gift shop in the museum – there’s plenty to buy for every type of visitor.

Lastly, the two days holiday in London isn’t complete without a visit to Buckingham Palace. This will allow you to watch the iconic Changing of the Guards. You might even be lucky to see a royal family member out and about at their duties. You’ll even have time to visit other critical political landmarks where history was made.

Don’t worry. Your two days holiday in London will give you plenty of time to munch on some classic Fish n’ Chips and sip on a Bitter. Additionally, pack many warm clothes, because even summers in London can be nippy.

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