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Yellowstone National Park Adventure

August 3, 2022 in Itinerary of the week

Widely regarded as the world’s first national park, the Yellowstone National Park presents many breathtaking scenes for adventurers and nature lovers. You can catch many hot springs and geysers as you move through the Yellowstone National Park. Because it’s so large, it’s good to do some research before just packing a bad and heading off. If you want to plan a 2-day trip covering all the significant spots, this itinerary will be the perfect guide.

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A majority of the activities were included on the first day. It makes sense since you might feel less energetic on the second day. The trip starts from the West Thumb Geyser and covers the Grand Prismatic Spring. Then it goes to Mammoth Hot Spring and the Gardiner on the same day. The second day includes a visit to the Roosevelt Arch, besides other attractions like the Boiling River, Norris Geyser Basin, and Lower Falls.

The itinerary is designed for spring, fall, or summer trips. The best part is that you can plan it on a small budget of $47-101. Use this fun-filled 2-day itinerary and plan your next trip to the Yellowstone National Park today with Travel-Wise.

So start making your plans today by finding a fitting itinerary! Then, help grow our itinerary repository and start making your next plans for travel!

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