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Cloud Forest In The Amazon Rainforest In Peru

June 15, 2022 in Itinerary of the week

The Amazon Rainforest is truly a massive sprawl and crosses into 13 countries. A goal to see most of it would be truly noteworthy and make for a great travel journal. However, one place that cannot be missed is the Cloud Forest in Peru. The Cloud Forest’s namesake is given from the gentle roll of clouds forming over the Andes mountain range. Then, the clouds sit right in the valley of the rainforest. The clouds gain a lot of friction and have immense lightning storms with the mountains in the backdrop. This itinerary is for you if you’ve ever been curious about Peru’s Cloud Forest in the Amazon Rainforest.

Check out the Cloud Forest in The Amazon’s itinerary below and record our very own trip about ten years ago as part of a greater 3-week trip to Peru. This itinerary tries to capture the adventure and excited we experienced. It is challenging to tie coordinates to everywhere you go as often you are deep in the forest without understanding the specific locations. We did our best! Also, it is worth noting how long of a trip it is to get into the deep jungle! It is a several-day trip in and out of the Amazon! You won’t regret visiting, and we genuinely hope our travel itinerary inspires you! Create your itinerary or search for others and start making your travel plans today!

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