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Grand Mayan Adventure In San Ignacio, Belize

April 11, 2022 in Itinerary of the week

Whether you are a cultured traveler, an adventure enthusiast, or a family seeking a get-away where everyone will learn and experience something new. Belize should be on your list!

Belize has many activities and sights to see, from hiking in the country’s nature preserves to seeking out the rare to find jaguars or the tapir “mountain cow.” From scuba diving and snorkeling along their tropical and warm water coast! The Great Blue Hole is a dive spot that cannot be missed (for the experience alone).

Check out the hot itinerary below from Travel-Wise that outlines a low complexity trip to San Ignacio in Belize, which is right smack in the center of many ancient Mayan ruins that are awe-inspiring to visit. The cave tours where the ancient Mayans would commit holy sacrifices. The caves themselves feel otherworldly and alien almost. Given that San Ignacio is the hub, the entire stay will center around it with excursions to local ruins or caves each day. This itinerary is truly unique and something you will not see or experience in other parts of the world.

Is this itinerary not quite for you? No problem, we have plenty more itineraries for Belize. Start making your plans to visit Belize now on Travel-Wise!

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