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Relaxing in Saxon in Switzerland and Germany

April 12, 2023 in Itinerary of the week

If you are looking to unwind after a hectic year or want to enjoy time with your partner, a few quiet days of relaxation in Saxon Switzerland, Germany, are perfect for you. This gorgeous landscape is ideal for anyone planning a quiet and slow holiday. It is also perfect for couples wanting to visit a romantic spot. In fact, with some excellent planning, you can have a vacation without much walking or exerting yourselves, though there are some gorgeous places you can visit by trekking a bit. This also makes it an ideal choice for older couples.

Don’t miss out on seeing the beauty of Saxon

There are several spectacular natural landscapes to visit here including the Pravcicka Gate stone arch, the Vilemínina stěna, the Gorge of Kamenice, the Nationalparkzentrum Bad Schandau, and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The lookout tower on Děčínsky Sněžník and viewing the sunset after a climb up the Mariina Skala are also sights you cannot miss here. You can also go for boat rides in the evenings to end the day on a romantic note.

There are also several eateries worth checking out here. The most famous is Wanderrast Großer Winterberg, renowned for its delicious pizzas. The village of Jetřichovice is also an excellent place to check out if you are craving a drink.

You can have a few quiet days of relaxation in Saxon Switzerland, Germany, for just $400–600 (USD). So start planning your next trip with Travel-Wise.

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