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The Most Romantic Weekend Getaway in Verona

August 17, 2022 in Itinerary of the week

Paris is the city of Love. But when it comes to true Renaissance romance, it can only be found in Verona, Italy. This city has the tales of Shakespear and love immortalized by Romeo and Juliet. This 2-day Verona tour itinerary is perfect for whisking your partner away for a romantic weekend getaway in Italy.

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The itinerary includes a visit to many sites that the Bard used as inspiration for the homes of his protagonists, including the Casa di Romeo and the Casa di Giulietta. The first day also includes visiting the Piazza di Signori and the Scaligeri Tomb. The second day continues with the sites featured in Romeo & Juliet. It also covers the Volto Barbaro, Giusti Garden and Basilica de San Zeno Maggiore. This itinerary also has a special treat for the art lovers – Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti. The 2-day itinerary is not limited to the exploration of these famous landmarks. It also includes excellent suggestions for treating your partner to a romantic dinner. Can you imagine fitting all this in a $150-170, 2-day trip? With this itinerary, it is possible. Plan your romantic getaway to Verona this Spring with Travel-Wise.

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