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The Western Fjords Of Norway

June 1, 2022 in Itinerary of the week

Norway is not a place I hear many folk listing as a top place they want to travel to. However, once you learn all that Norway offers, it will be hard to keep off that list for most! The Western Fjords of Norway are a particular place of beauty. You will find why this entire area is a world heritage site with jaw-dropping landscape and views.

A fjord itself is a long finger of water that pushes inland, making fingers of land and steep mountain walls. You can travel to the tip of these finger fjords and see the surrounding fjords and large bodies of water. The area is amazingly scenic and has boundless hikes with little to distract you from the surrounding nature.

While the Western Fjords of Norway cannot be missed, Norway itself has many other activities, from learning and diving through the historical records of the Vikings to participating in the many hikes, chasing the Northern lights, or oceanside activities.

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