Visiting Vatican City and Exploring Rome


Areas of Travel: 
Roma, Italy
Summer, Fall, Spring
278 days ago
Budget Range: 
$400-800 (USD)
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Day 1

First day in the Vatican

Activity 1
Location: Sistine Chapel  
Activity 2
Location: St. Peter's Basilica  
Activity 3
Location: Vatican Necropolis  
Day 2

Other Vatican Gems

Activity 1
Location: B&B Vatican Palace  
Activity 2
Location: Chiaramonti Museum  
Activity 3
Location: Piazza San Pietro  
Day 3

Sightseeing other ancient Roman sites

Activity 1
Location: Castel Sant'Angelo  
Activity 2
Location: St. Angelo Bridge  
Activity 3
Location: Campo de' Fiori  
Day 4

Enjoying the beautiful Roman art and architecture

Activity 1
Location: Trevi Fountain  
Activity 2Activity 3
Location: Capitoline Museums  
Activity 4
Location: Baths of Caracalla  
Activity 5