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The Sweetest Destinations Every Candy & Chocolate Lover Should Visit

March 24, 2022 in Top Contenders

Do you have a massive sweet tooth? If yes, you’re in the right company.

We know that cookie-cutter recipes just don’t cut it to all things candy, chocolate, and sweets. The best cookies are made with delicate precision and passion for the craft. So, why don’t you skip the trip to the supermarket and come with us on a journey around the globe?

The places we have listed here are the dessert capitals of the world, and you’ll find absolutely all types of candy and chocolates that you can imagine. So if you have a sweet craving right now, clearly your travel persona is a foodie and you need to plan your trip and book your ticket to these spots right away.

Featured Image credits: Pixabay

Seven must-visit places for travelers with a sweet tooth

1. Switzerland

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Image credits: Pixabay

Switzerland is the land of chocolates and snow-clad mountains. From steaming cups of hot chocolate to packs of the iconic Cailler, you’ll find a variety of desserts here. If you’re interested in learning about the heritage of crafting chocolate in Switzerland, you can visit the Lindt & Sprungli chocolate factory to tour the process. There’s also an accompanying museum that catalogs global chocolate-making history. The Swiss Chocolate Train is another fun must-have experience. Not only will you get to taste delectable chocolate onboard, but the train will take you to see a tour of various other chocolate companies, including Cailler-Nestle. Finally, if you can afford it, don’t forget to visit Teuscher – one of the oldest chocolate makers in Switzerland and try their hundreds of varieties of local chocolate and candy.

2. St. Catharines, Ontario

Doughnuts, Desserts, Pastries, Treats, Sweets
Image credits: Pixabay

Ontario, Canada, may not seem like a destination for candy, chocolate, and dessert lovers. But you probably feel that way because you haven’t heard of St. Catharines. This little city boasts more doughnut shops in a single-mile radius than most countries. The sheer number of doughnut shops and the staggering varieties of doughnuts and doughnut holes they sell are breathtaking. Some shops, like Beechwood Doughnuts, offer a unique menu each day, comprising over 20 different flavors. From classic glazed to Maple Bacon, there’s something for everyone at St. Catharines.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

Candy, Licorice, Colors, Colours, Colorful, Colourful
Image credits: Pixabay

The people of Denmark sure love their candy – with Danes eating twice as many candies as the average European each year. Frankly, we think Denmark’s one of the happiest countries in the world because of its love for sugar. So suppose you’d like to partake of this sugary delight, head over to Copenhagen. Pingvin Stænger, Lagerman Konfekt, and Matador Mix are some of the best sweet and mixed bag candies you should try. Also, the Danes make mean licorice – so be sure to taste that too. The Salmiaklakrids or salty licorice is also said to offer gastrointestinal benefits – and it is perfect to avoid any tummy ache you may get from the candy binge you’d be doing. Once you’ve had your fill of this salty treat, why not get your hands on the delicious flodeboller, i.e., chocolate-coated marshmallow, a favorite Copenhagen delicacy?

4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Sweets, Candies, Treats, Frame, Candy Frame, Lollipop
Image credits: Pixabay

Myrtle Beach is more than just beers, books, and hot summer days. Candy lovers will attest that Myrtle Beach has a fantastic selection of candy shops that sell hundreds of varieties of chocolates and candies. From simple bubble gum to Japanese Pocky biscuits, you’ll find absolutely all types of treats here. Suffice to say that Myrtle Beach is a sweet lover’s paradise. Apart from regular candy and chocolates, some shops also sell novelty flavors and designs. Many shops use a fill-your-own-bag method, where the price is per pound. Don’t let the kids loose in Myrtle Beach because that’ll rake up your dessert bills in no time.

5. Spain

Chocolate, Bars, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Bars
Image credits: Pixabay

Spain has a rich history in chocolate making. While most cities in Spain boast of excellent, homemade, and locally-crafted artisanal chocolate, two cities stand out for sweet lovers. One is Barcelona, which is home to the Museu de la Xocolata, where gigantic chocolate sculptures dot the halls, and the walls are decorated with artifacts spanning chocolate’s history.

The other city is the town of Villajoyosa, located close to the Mediterranean Sea. The entire city has been steeped in chocolate for centuries. The first thing you notice about Villajoyosa is chocolate’s earthly and homely aromas being molded by loving hands. The 19th Century Valor Chocolate factory is located here, and you can take a tour of the premises to see how chocolate was traditionally made in Spain. At the end of the tour, you can buy the chocolate-covered churros that are freshly made for tourists each day in one of the local shops.

6. Derry Township, Pennsylvania

Hersheys, Chocolate, Food, Candy Bar, Chocolate Bar
Image credits: Pixabay

No list of the must-visit destinations for candy and chocolate lovers will be complete without mentioning Pennsylvania. After all, it is home to The Hershey Co., which includes the Hershey’s Chocolate World factory, the Hersheypark theme park, the massive Hershey’s store, The Hotel Hershey, and the one-of-kind Hershey’s Chocolate Spa. You’ll find a variety of chocolates that Hershey’s has made in the past, and sometimes, new products are launched, and trial flavors are given for tastings. If you’re interested in getting the full Hershey’s experience, try the whipped cocoa bath, followed by the fondue wrap and the chocolate bean polish at the Spa. It’s life-changing.


So, now that you know about some of the destinations for every candy and chocolate lover, get your bags ready. Be sure to pack your dental cleaning kit – with all that candy and chocolate on the menu. You’ll surely need it.

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