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Top 5 Central And South American Asian Inspired Dishes

July 15, 2021 in Top Contenders

From 1924-to 1965, due to restrictive immigration policies by the US and other neighboring countries, Asians were forced to migrate and settle in countries that would accept them. This led to many migrating to Central and South America. In this post, we will explore some Asian-inspired Central and South American dishes.

5. Ceviche

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Ceviche originated in Peru, where early natives would marinate raw fish in citrus for 12 hours before consumption. Eventually, a large influx of Japanese immigrants worked in the cotton and sugar cane fields. Peruvians were initially unfamiliar with soy sauce, ginger, and other Japanese ingredients but eventually grew to like them with the opening of Japanese cevicherias. Finally, Peruvians could shorten the marination process substantially and expand their ceviche offerings by utilizing Japanese methods.

4. Avocado Fried Rice

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Chinese immigrants introduced fried rice to their host countries by utilizing the ingredients available to them. These countries added their local ingredients and twists to the dish, leading to avocado and lime mixed with pork, soy sauce, eggs, and veggies.

3. Tallarin Saltado

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In the same fashion as avocado fried rice, Chinese immigrants would also utilize the ingredients in their host country to re-create chow mein. In Peru, soy sauce, ginger, scallions, meat, peppers, and spaghetti created a local favorite, Tallarin Saltado.

2. Pork Chops in Black Bean Sauce

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Chinese immigrants introduced their fermented version in parallel to Cuban black beans and graced the Cuban palate with pork chops, shrimp, chicken, etc., in fermented black bean sauce.

1. Green Beans with Peanuts and Chile de Arbol

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Bringing stir-fried green beans to Mexico, Chinese immigrants found that adding peanuts and other native ingredients (namely Chile de Arbol) added an extra crunch and fiery kick to what was already a vibrant and crunchy dish.

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