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Top Foodie Cities Worldwide

December 26, 2022 in Top Contenders

Why do we travel? To see new places, meet new people, explore the history and culture of a place, and so on. But a vast majority of people also travel for food. What’s better than pizza in Italy, a burrito in Mexico, or butter chicken in India? If you want the authentic taste of any cuisine, you must travel and find out how the locals cook and eat. Some cities are known for their architecture, some for their history, and some for their shopping centers. But a lot of cities are primarily known for their food. This guide will cover our top foodie cities worldwide!

Featured Image credits: Unsplash

Beirut, Lebanon

Lebanese cuisine has taken the world by storm. Beirut should be on your bucket list if you can’t get enough shawarmas and falafels.

Middle Eastern, French, Greek, and Turkish cuisines influence Lebanese food differently. Some iconic dishes in Beirut are Manaqish, Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Mujadara, Kousa Mahshi, and Kibbeh. 

Lebanese food is rich in flavor and taste. There’s a lot of olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs, meat, and cheese in the food of Beirut. Beirut happens to be the best city in the world for Lebanese food.

Be sure to not miss one of the best foodie cities worldwide in Beirut, Lebanon
Image credits: Unsplash

Rome, Italy

Italian cuisine is arguably the best cuisine to come out of Europe. You’ll find a pizzeria in almost every country; the same holds for pasta and gelato. 

If we have to choose one Italian city for its food, it has to be Rome. So try the iconic Alesso di Bollito, Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara, Porchetta, and Pizza al Taglio the next time you are in Rome. 

Italian food is rich in cheese, meat, and olive oil. However, all those extra calories are entirely worth it because the taste of Italian food in Rome is out of this world. 

Kyoto, Japan

Japanese food is much more than sushi and ramen. It’s an intricate and detailed cuisine with sophisticated culinary art at every step. Take the Kyo kaiseki, for example. It’s an elaborate multi-course meal followed by traditional Japanese tea. 

Nishin soba is a go-to noodle in Kyoto, but it’s nothing like the packed ramen you would have had outside of Japan. So instead, try the traditional Buddhist vegan dish shojin ryori to explore an unknown side of Japanese cuisine. Other dishes worth trying in Kyoto are Kuzu starch noodles, beef cutlet (gyu katsu), mackerel sushi (sabazushi), and Conger eel (hamo).

Koyoto, Japan, one of the top foodie cities worldwide
Image credits: Unsplash

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexican cuisine is known for its complex flavor profiles and diverse ingredients. However, Mexican food is more than tamales, tacos, and burritos. As you explore the streets of Mexico City, you will come across fantastic food that tastes better than any Mexican food you may have had elsewhere. 

Some must-try items in Mexico City are Tacos al pastor, Chicharrónes, Frutas en tacha, Tlacoyos, Barbacoa, Cochinita pibil, and Pescado a la talla. Mexican food incorporates a lot of meat, particularly pork, lamb, and fish. However, there are plenty of vegetarian options as well. Mexico City is undoubtedly one of the best food cities in the world.

Dining at one of the top foodie cities in Mexico City, Mexico
Image credits: Unsplash

Chicago, USA

If we have to pick one food city in the United States of America, it has to be Chicago, though New York City is a close second. 

You must first try the classic Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago. This rich and gooey pizza is not for the faint-hearted but definitely for foodies. The Chicago-style hot dog is another must-try. Italian beef is another Chicago staple that’s both rich and very flavorful. Next, visit the iconic Garrett Popcorn Shop to try the iconic Garrett Mix. Food in Chicago is diverse, delicious, and sometimes unfamiliar. 

Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago (a foodie city)
Image credits: Unsplash

Paris, France

French cuisine competes with Italian cuisine to be the leading European cooking style. However, France is much more than fine-dining restaurants and exquisite wines. There are plenty of local French dishes that’ll blow your mind. 

Salmon En Papillote is a must-try French dish with sophisticated cooking techniques. Boeuf Bourguignon is a classic French beef dish rooted in working-class cuisine. Other classic French dishes in Paris are Bouillabaisse, Crepes Suzette, Potatoes Dauphinoise, and Quiche Lorraine. 

New Delhi, India

Indian cuisine is as diverse and complex as it gets. South and North Indian food are very different. But if you want the best of both worlds, the capital city of New Delhi is your best bet. 

Kebabs and butter chicken are everywhere in New Delhi. The vegetarian dish of Chole-Kulche will keep you craving more. New Delhi is also home to some of the best Biriyanis in the world. You can also try a range of sweet, tangy, or spicy chaats. End your meal with a classic malai kulfi to get an idea of what real Indian food tastes like. 

Honorable Mentions

The list could quickly expand! Other places worth mentioning with delicious food include Turkish coffee, delights, and kabobs from Gaziantep, Turkey. Next, there is a growing number of top chefs and foodie culture growing with international food in Lima, Peru. Lastly, if you enjoy king crab, you can find an abundance of dishes around king crab from south Chile, Punta Arenas, or Ushuaia.

We hope your taste buds are already tingling, and you can’t wait to explore food from around the world.

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