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Learn how to use AI to assist in Trip Planning

To bring the latest generative technologies to Travel-Wise, we’ve integrated several new capabilities into Travel-Wise to generate contextual content based on your travel queries. This ensures our users have the latest technology to assist in building trip plans faster than ever. As always, be cautious of AI-generated information as it may have incorrect information. For this reason, we recommend it for idea generation. The Travel-Wise tooling does its best to integrate this information and blend it with the existing trip plan tooling. So, let’s learn how to use AI to assist in Trip Planning!

Check out the three areas below to utilize AI-generated travel information!

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Full Templated Itinerary Generation Using AI

Check out this tooling here.

Now you can use the Itinerary Generator to generate a whole itinerary matching your ideas for travel. Use this to get ideas and start planning your trip! Add these to or create a new trip plan and customize the days and events using the planner! This tool is made to help kick off and generate complete itineraries as a solid baseline.

What is neat is once you take your trip and want to share your trip with others, you can create a templated itinerary from it so others can find your community itinerary through the search!

Generate Day Events Using AI

Check out this tooling here.

Do you know where you’ll be in an area but have no idea what to do? We have a solution to that! Use generative AI to generate event ideas for a day. Once added, you can choose to accept or remove them. At least one event is required for the AI to use as a baseline to generate further ideas. It will take any prior events in the day and generate new ones with those in consideration.

Check out this tooling here.

Let’s say you’ve started a trip plan but decided to extend the trip. Now it’s easier than ever to generate related itineraries local to where you will be and highlight places in the relative area that you’ll easily be able to include in your trip with the extra days you’re adding. In addition, you can now use generative AI to suggest itineraries for your trip. These will link to the search engine to see if the community has itinerary ideas, or you can generate one!

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