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Experiencing Nepal Himalayas via the Annapurna Circuit

July 20, 2022 in Itinerary of the week

Nepal, a country located entirely within the majestic Himalayan mountain range, has many spectacular experiences to offer mountain lovers. However, this 15-day Annapurna circuit trek itinerary is arguably the best way to experience Nepal’s mountainous terrain and tantalizing spectacles. The Annapurna circuit trek covers 160 km and requires you to be moderately fit. Despite its distance, the challenges won’t overwhelm you, but the sights of the snow-capped peaks just might. You’ll also go through various valleys, which will offer a glimpse into the simple lives of the people residing in the country’s rural regions.

The highlight of this trek is the Thorung La, a high-altitude mountain pass situated at 17,769 ft or 5,416 m. Hiking up to the pass is undoubtedly the most tiring part of the trek, but the views you’ll enjoy from the top make an effort worthwhile. So, if you’ve never been to Nepal and want to experience the country’s magical mountains, plan this trek right away with Travel-Wise.

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