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Komodo National Park, Indonesia

June 22, 2022 in Itinerary of the week

Komodo National Park in Indonesia is clearly famous for its Komodos Dragons which are the world’s largest lizards. It is less known for its amazing hikes, turquoise waters, and great scuba diving! An amazing place to visit for anyone wanting a more nature-oriented vacation. There are numerous islands to visit with some steep uphill hikes with great 360 views from the top. Once you see Komodo Dragons around the islands the experience will become unforgettable.

Komodo Dragons are pack animals too and have an interesting social structure that reminds me of wolf packs. They move very fast in the water and can catch you off guard on land. It is very recommended to keep your distance, they can sprint and close distance on you faster than you think. Also, because they are pack animals, they tend to have members of their pack try to encircle you if you stay in one spot too long. Respect their capability and keep aware of where they are and you can traverse the areas fairly safely. I’d recommend a guide for certain though. The Komodo Dragons are only found in certain areas so you’ll know when you have to be cautious.

Don’t miss an opportunity to visit the wild side of Indonesia and experience this fantastic Komodo National Park yourself. Be it on land or in the slightly colder waters via scuba diving. You won’t be disappointed. Create your itinerary or search for others and start making your travel plans today!

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